Intranet Trends: Personalized Content

by Michael Freeman

Personalized content in intranets will make your employees more receptive to using it on a regular basis and utilizing what gets posted on it.

You can give employees personalized content aligned with their specific goals or departments. Not all content on the landing page is relevant to everyone, so personalizing it can help boost user participation rates.

Intranets have gotten more comprehensive, but that also means if there’s detailed company content on it, it might seem less personal to workers. That’s because it’s not likely to apply to any specific individual on the system.

More likely, company news will be general, applying to all workers.

But that approach presents some challenges for companies that take on an intranet in order to streamline internal communications among workers.

Personalized content is a way to tailor the experience to individual users and reduces the navigation time they spend finding what they need.

But where do you find an intranet that offers that kind of personalization?

Welcome to Collab Hub.

How Does Collab Hub Enhance Personalization?

Personlized intranet

Collab Hub is an innovative new intranet software that’s powered by the popular web hosting content management site WordPress. It creates a private network accessible only to your organization’s staff.

As a central portal for employees to access company resources and tools, Collab Hub has the tools needed to ensure every employee, regardless of department or location, can communicate in the fastest, most reliable and efficient manner possible.

To begin with, Collab Hub allows each department within the organization to create their own page on the intranet.

If your company has multiple departments handling various functions, you’re going to want to provide site access for each department administrator and editor, enabling them to control their department’s page.

It’s also important to have a streamlined process that makes the website easier for each department to use.

Collab Hub creates a simple but highly effective solution: a new intranet plug-in through the popular web hosting site WordPress. It’s ideal for companies with multiple departments.

Now you can easily share documents and information, from news postings per department to the ability to store documents and forward information from one department to the next.

Why Is Personalized Content Important?

Personalized content is key to user engagement.

One company that sends out a lot of information to their users is online retail giant Amazon. That content is designed to be seen by the widest number of people.

However, Amazon also studies your purchasing history and what you decide to look for on their site. Amazon will only send you information it thinks you want to read.

personalized content on intranet

What Amazon sends you feels more relevant because of one thing: personalization.

That’s a concept that Collab Hub applies to this software.

By developing it through WordPress, Collab Hub users can take full advantage of features on that CMS like publishing, drafting or scheduling posts.

Collab Hub creates a private network accessible only to an organization’s staff. It allows multiple departments to create their own pages and provide public or private information that can easily be shared.

And your workers are going to be more engaged with your site if what they see is personalized – by connecting them with workers in their own department, offering quick and efficient access to information relevant to that department.

And you eliminate the problem of workings complaining, “I can’t find anything!”

Options for Implementing Personalization

personalized intranet for business

Personalized content is the means by which companies deliver more meaningful content to their intranet users – the way for employees to be able to log on and quickly get information that’s relevant to them.

That means your intranet can work more effectively if you understand your users and know what they want to see. That includes:

  • The strategy and performance of the company
  • Updates on the market they’re targeting
  • Employee Services like HR and Travel
  • Their own functions and professional dimensions within the organization
  • The Division or department they work in
  • Projects they’re working on with other members of their team or department;

Personalized Content allows workers in each department to build consensus, giving each member the ability to post thoughts and concerns about how the work is going.

Because the bottom line is that you want to make your intranet feel fully relevant.

That’s what Collab Hub accomplishes. This software offers improvements and innovations that make it easier for employees to do their jobs efficiently.

The Collab Hub intranet is a well-oiled machine with features that offers an increased capacity for collaborative efforts. The software holds out the potential for companies to take their business to new heights of efficiency.

Intranets today have become central to the digital workplace, and employees benefit from having a system that provides them with news directly relevant to their tasks, functions and to the departments they work in. Intranets allow them to complete processes and engage with their department coworkers and supervisors.

Intranets also facilitate teamwork and productivity while also bringing remote team members into the mix.

What Key Tools Should Intranets Offer?

An important part of an intranets is the ability of workers to take full advantage of social features. That can include blogging, video conferencing and information sharing. Those features encourage engagement between teams and individual team members.

Personalized content is also important and has been successful when applied to intranets where hundreds of employees could be using the same platform at work. Creating a more personalized experience keeps employees coming back and adds value to it.

There are inter-departmental and team engagement opportunities through:

  • workspaces
  • calendars
  • event organization
  • management and collaboration tools.

If your users are seeing what they want and need on an intranet platform, they’ll use it. Employees will feel like they’re being heard, respected and know their individual opinions and contributions matters.

Collab Hub successfully accomplishes this by allowing you to post company news specific to a particular department or recommending relevant internal content based on an employee’s interests and skills.

An intranet personalization strategy offers value to your intranet’s users, while your entire organization will see increased productivity.

The bottom line is that intranets make it easier for large organizations to stay connected and engaged.

Other benefits of personalization include:

  • Higher employee engagement
  • Advanced corporate culture
  • Enhanced productivity
  • The ability to find key information more quickly
  • Featured stories focused on employees
  • Sharing company news and updates

The Collab Hub software also provides companies with the option of engaging the workforce through something else: good design. The WordPress system allows you a lot of creative options when it comes to the look and feel of an intranet, which can help determine how often — and efficiently – your intranet gets used by employees.

Collab Hub is not a system where your intranet platform looks and feels outdated or visually unappealing. There are numerous ways Collab Hub helps to create a highly engaging design.


We know that intranets offer significant benefits to companies, regardless of size. They can enhance worker communication and boost collaboration.

Today’s intranet embodies both productivity enhancements and social benefits for workers.

That’s why intranets are making a strong comeback today, as company owners realize they need to connect their workers and ensure everyone quickly finds what they need – that they can easily connect and “collab” with one another.

Collab Hub provides the easiest and most efficient WordPress intranet solution for businesses for team collaboration, allowing workers to become far more engaged with their colleagues and supervisors.

Collab Hub was created as a cost-effective solution for small businesses. For companies that are concerned about how long it will take to learn a new system, this modern intranet is user-friendly and easy for non-technical users to add and change content.

Unlike other intranet plugins, Collab Hub comes with a one-time fee of $1,299 to take advantage of this system that will streamline all your internal communications needs. There are no monthly fees or additional fees applied per user.

Michael Freeman

Michael Freeman

Content Writer and Editor

Michael is the Content Writer and Editor at Chatter Buzz. A native of Massachusetts, Michael has lived in Orlando since 2002, and has more than 20 years of experience as a print and online journalist. Michael has worked at some of Florida’s top newspapers, including The Orlando Sentinel, The Sun Sentinel, The Lakeland Ledger and The Jewish Journal. Michael has also worked as a marketing writer for private firms, and his industry clients have included a property management firm, a real estate company and a political consultant. He has taught communications to college students. Michael earned his BA in writing and communication from Hampshire College and a Masters in political management from George Washington University.