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Collab Hub has everything you need to collaborate, share internal news, organize files, and create public and private pages.

Collab Hub is unlike the other intranet solutions out there. The platform is totally custom and is very user-friendly.  Most of the intranet solutions out there is a bunch of “hodgepodge” of plugins that eventually does not work with each other or a closed platform that you cannot customize. Collab Hub is versatile, simple and just easy to use.

Van Solevilla

Senior Reporting Analyst

Customizable Page Builder

Easily build and format pages with ease. Choose from a variety of templates with individual modules that you can also easily enable or disable depending on your team structure and needs.

Document Explorer and File Repository - Intranet Hub

Staff Directory

Quickly locate and learn about employees and personnel. Add unlimited fields to employee profiles and search for people by name or department for fast access.

Featured Documents

Share the most important files by departments as featured ‘pinned’ documents, so they can be seen first by your staff members.

Collab Hub - Wordpress Intranet Platform Featured Icon

Private and Password Protected Pages

Keep confidential content and documents private by creating pages that are only accessible by granting user permissions and create pages with a password protection. On the second option, anyone with the password is capable of accessing these page files.

Staff Directory Finder - Collab Hub Intranet


Share upcoming events with time, date, location and details throughout your organization or department. Each department has the ability to create their own calendar and display them, either list view or full calendar view.


Have industry news or company updates you need to share with everyone? With the news module, you can feature internal company news to be shared throughout the whole organization or only within each department.

Quick Links

Bookmarked links allow for quick access to your favorite resources, tutorials, blogs, industry news, etc.

Contact Module

Keep employees informed on departmental contacts and who should be contacted for questions or concerns. This is particularly useful for onboarding new employees.

Staff Directory Finder - Collab Hub Intranet

Site Options

Easily customize colors, fields, menus and more to personalize your intranet according to your brand standards.

Document Explorer

The secure file sharing and storage solution that your team can utilize. Drag-and-drop files from your computer to save and store files by department. No need to pay extra for dropbox or box, the feature is all included.

Document Explorer and File Repository - Intranet Hub

Multiple User Roles

Assign different roles and control with each department and pages. Invite and collaborate with as many team members as you want.

Technical Support

Every install comes with free tech support for the first year of license purchase, then it’s just $299 every 12 months after that. This includes email technical support, software updates and new feature releases.

Additional Features


Share important announcements and keep everyone informed on the big things that matter.

Sitewide Search

Find what you need quickly and easily. And control what gets indexed to make results more relevant & meaningful.

Banner Module

A rotating slider with a heading, subheading and optional button and background image accommodates further customization.

Publish, Manage and Search Content

Create custom content appropriate for specific teams and departments. Update document versions by simply editing and saving or find files by using the site-wide search.


Imagine having your employees find value in visiting your intranet homepage, it becomes a resource that they use daily.

Updated and Maintained

We patch bugs and add new features regularly, so you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best possible service.

Slack Integrations

Receive notifications from your intranet right inside Slack.

Custom Login Page

You can change the login page's background image.

Demo Content

We have sample demo content that you can import with one click.

Auto Updater

One button is all it takes to update your plugin.

Online Changelog

We offer easy access to our changelog so anyone can see what we’ve changed from anywhere.

Top Notch Support

We offer 5/7 support, always just an email away.


We offer 675 Font Awesome icons for your intranet.

HD & Retina Ready

We use the latest technologies to bring the best to any screen.

Cross Browsers Support

We work with all browsers, even the older ones up to IE11!