Drag and Drop Page Builder

Page Builder is an easy drag and drop tool that allows you to create beautiful content rich pages throughout your intranet. There will be no limitations as to how the modules can be customized and arranged, making Page Builder the most flexible tool of its kind available on the market.


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Extra Language Support

English is the first and our next plan is Spanish. One language at a time.

Live Notifications

Slack notification integration already works with Collab Hub. However, as an added bonus, we also plan to provide our users with a notification icon so they can get instant updates as soon as they happen.

Contact Forms

A flexible contact form module to collect information from any user and be instantly sent via email to the administrator’s inbox.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can create, organize and publicize FAQs (frequently asked questions) by pages.

Recently Finished

Better Search

Updated search index improves stability and reliability, and new filtering and sorting options help you easily find what you are looking for.