Why Collab Hub is a Better Intranet Solution Than MyHub

by Michael Freeman

Businesses today have a lot of choices when it comes to selecting an intranet software.

if you’ve decided your company can benefit from providing workers with the best possible system for internal communications, your next step is likely to be researching what the market offers today.

There are definitely choices out there, different kinds of intranet software at different price ranges.

One of those options, MyHub, has billed itself as a “low-cost” intranet solution with a range of tools for improving internal communications.

But why is the MyHub team using the term “low-cost” to begin with?

MyHub likes to brag about offering businesses unlimited users who can be added into the system — at no additional expense.

That’s a big difference from systems like SharePoint or Communifire, which charge a monthly fee per user – often starting at $10 per employee.

That’s a steep price. Think about it: If you have only 12 employees, that’s $120 a month, but if you have 100 workers, that’s $1,000 a month, a very costly proposition indeed.

And what if your company wants to add more workers onto your system? What if you go out and hire a sizable number of remote workers as well, and plan to add them to your intranet?

Obviously, the bill keeps rising. Plain and simple.

MyHub, on the other hand, is quick to note that they offer a radically different starting price: just $99 a month. That’s right, less than $100 a month.

Sounds great, right? Why spend a fee for every employee you want using your intranet when you can pay one flat monthly fee? Could there be anything better than that?

Well, yes.

It’s called Collab Hub.


How Does Collab Hub Differ From MyHub?

Collab Hub intranet tool

Collab Hub and MyHub are both intranets designed to enhance office communications and allow small to medium-sized businesses to create staff directories, document and file storage, write blogs, and collaborate on projects, along with numerous other tasks.

But whereas MyHub offers this intranet at the flat rate of $99 a month, Collab Hub is provided to your business for a different flat rate – of just $1299.

That’s not per month, or per employee. The $1299 charge is the one-time fee to get Collab Hub, and then the system is yours. You don’t pay any additional monthly costs.

The Collab Hub self-hosting system is now entirely yours, and it’s built on the popular content management system WordPress, which has popular features that will appeal to your workers.

So while the MyHub system may bill itself as having a “low-cost” option, Collab Hub is the real thing.

First, let’s take a look at MyHub.

The MyHub software is known to be relatively easy to use, and conveniently flexible.

Still, past users note that while adding pages and modules is not difficult, some technical knowledge is needed to use this system.

On the other hand, the WordPress system that Collab Hub uses doesn’t require any technical training and is very user-friendly.

Other companies that have tried MyHub have noted that formatting, particularly of links added to pages, can be complex as well.

So there is a learning curve with MyHub that doesn’t exist with Collab Hub. You’re far more likely to need technical support from the team at MyHub than from Collab Hub.

The bottom line is you shouldn’t need an IT person to set up a great intranet, and with Collab Hub you don’t.


What Does Collab Hub Offer Businesses?

intranet internal communications
Today, businesses need an intranet software that’s going to become the daily pillar of their operations. As companies take on new employees and continue to grow, they can no longer rely on emails as a method of keeping workers updated on projects.

Managers also can’t expect employees to collaborate in the most efficient manner by constantly logging onto their emails.

Intranets are making a comeback these days, for the simple reason that businesses understand how important an internal communications system is to maximize worker productivity.

Businesses of all sizes are starting to count on the use of a flexible and user-friendly Intranet solution to support their growing workforce. And intranets have become particularly popular at a time when so many employees are now working remotely, and can’t be in the office.

Again, emails are an inefficient means of communicating with other members of the team.

And what they want from an intranet is something that’s easy, powerful, and customizable – which is exactly what
Collab Hub offers.

Try out Collab Hub today, and you’re going to find it’s the easiest product you’ve ever used. If your CEO is out of the office, even outside the country, he or she can respond to your questions in the same day, thanks to this system.

You can build an unlimited number of pages for internet content through the WordPress system, which helps make Collab Hub a great product if you want to be able to tailor it to your needs.

And Collab Hub is clean and simple, without a thousand bells and whistles to complicate your use of it.

The bottom line is that Collab Hub is a truly innovative new intranet software, one that’s very easy to install and ideal for internal business communications.

It creates a private network accessible only to your organization’s staff. That becomes a central portal that employees can use to access company resources and tools.

The team at Collab Hub created this intranet software with the specific goal of providing companies like yours with the tools needed to ensure that everyone within your company, regardless of department or location, can communicate in the fastest, most reliable and efficient manner possible.

It truly is the system that brings everyone together. Collab Hub recognizes the challenge workers have staying connected internally, which is why this highly efficient solution is ideal for small and medium businesses.

By using Collab Hub, your workers will become far more engaged with their colleagues and supervisors. Collab Hub is also going to expand opportunities for companies that rely on flexible social and document sharing among workers.

But most importantly, before you make a final decision, think about that crucial price difference.


How Does Collab Hub Offer Significant Savings?

How Much Can You Save?

Intarnets like Sharepoint and Communifire charge a monthly fee, and it’s applied to the number of employee you have. Outside of the smallest companies, that’s a costly proposal for any business, particularly the ones that expect to keep growing and adding on new workers.

MyHub bills itself as a system that charges considerably less: a flat monthly fee of $99, with no additional charges applied per worker.

Sounds good — except that Collab Hub raises an even better question: why pay for a monthly fee at all?

Why not simply install this system, and then it’s yours, without the long-term cost of expensive monthly fees being applied?

The truth is, if you adopt Collab Hub, you don’t.

Collab Hub allows department administrators to create access to the site for as many workers as needed. You could bring on potentially hundreds of new employees, add them to the system, and give them the ability to coordinate tasks and work collaboratively on long-term projects.

And it doesn’t cost you a single dime to do so.

Collab Hub was created as a cost-effective solution for small businesses. It was clear there was an opening in this market for an intranet based off WordPress and designed for companies with 300 employees or less.

Just install the Collab Hub software and your workers can take advantage of popular WordPress features that include the ability to publish news blogs, create static pages describing what your company does, post videos and make internal announcements to all departments.

And unlike other intranet plugins, Collab Hub comes with a one-time fee of $1299. That’s a considerable amount of savings.

And besides, any company concerned about how long it might take to learn a new system won’t have to worry about that when they start using Collab Hub. The WordPress system is very popular because it’s easy to use and it’s also easy for non-technical users to add and change content.

You won’t need to worry about lengthy training sessions before every new employee is up to speed.



Instead of asking which company has the best intranet and starting your research there, it makes more sense to ask what is the best intranet for your company.

MyHub is less expensive on a monthly basis than older systems like Sharepoint, but it isn’t necessary to purchase an intranet software that charges monthly fees at all.

And when it comes to quality, Collab Hub stands out. This system enables your workers to become far more engaged with their colleagues, to collaborate more effectively, and this system truly expands opportunities for companies that rely on flexible social and document sharing among workers.

And your company can add as many workers to Collab Hub as needed, without worrying about what that does to your monthly bill.

You also don’t need to worry about long training sessions every time a new employee is brought on.

Collab Hub also has an open platform. Anyone can build on top of Collab Hub, and it’s self-hosted as well.

It’s a platform that fuels and enhances employee engagement and productivity through a vibrant, interactive digital workplace.

What more could you ask for?

Michael Freeman

Michael Freeman

Content Writer and Editor

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