Intranet Built on WordPress: Why It’s The Ideal System

by Pat Co

No alternative offers all of the flexibility of WordPress, which is why an intranet built on WordPress is the ideal system.

There’s nothing on the market today that rivals it when it comes to features, admin panel, theme options and the numerous plugins available to further enhance your site.

That’s why the team that built Collab Hub, a self-hosted intranet software, powered it on this popular web hosting content management site as an intranet for your internal business communications needs.

Once Collab Hub is installed on your company’s website, it creates a private network accessible only to your organization’s staff making it the central portal employees use to access company resources and tools.

Collab Hub is the easiest WordPress intranet solution for businesses of all sizes for team collaboration.

Why Did the Team at Collab Hub Select WordPress?

intranet built on WordPress

When it comes to installing an intranet software, the biggest reason why intranets often fail is simple: nobody in the office uses it.

Companies look to intranets for effective internal communication, helping workers to stay in synch, and building teamwork. It’s a way to harmonize knowledge about the company, where it’s headed and what it’s trying to accomplish.

But it’s also a challenge to select the right intranet for your company. Choosing intranet software isn’t easy, and a lot of companies fail to test the software in advance and end up with a software that needs constant updating and is difficult to navigate.

That’s why the most effective intranet software is Collab Hub. You don’t need an IT department to install it, and the features you get have already proven to be very popular with businesses today: WordPress.

Collab Hub is installed through this popular web hosting site and lets your company take advantage of the great features that WordPress offers. But at the same time, it’s a central portal that can only be accessed by your employees and not the general public.

Why Is WordPress So Popular with Businesses?

Websites on WordPress

At one time, business owners were hesitant to launch a website because they expected a sky-high cost to hire someone to design, build, and maintain it. WordPress has solved that problem for them.

WordPress is very easy to use. It’s set up in such a way that even a technical newbie won’t feel intimidated while using it.

“It is very easy to learn to work on WordPress. Basic internet skills are quite enough to start with it. If you have worked with MS Word, you can easily create/ manage a WordPress page/post. Installing a theme or plugin are super easy tasks. Unless you need any specific customization in theme, you don’t need to know any coding.”Yatesh Choudhary

A growing number of top businesses use WordPress to create their website. Choosing themes and posting articles is a snap. More than a few people have learned basic HTML and website design from using it.

Once you select a domain name — easily available through a number of hosting servers and domain registrars — you can start using WordPress.

That’s why it’s the most popular online platform for conducting business today, often used by top e-commerce websites.

“Your site can grow as your business grows. WordPress sites are very scalable. You can have hundreds of thousands of pages or blog posts on your site and the performance of the site will not be compromised in the least.”Aspire Internet Design

WordPress allows individual departments within your company to:


  • Create a blog
  • Establish an employee directory
  • Post contact information for all workers
  • Post an events calendar
  • Immediately get news out to all workers, without the need for emails
  • Schedule company events

Truly, it all depends on what your company’s needs are; most companies, large and small, have found that WordPress uniquely provides them with the most effective system.

What other factors have captivated businesses about WordPress?

  1. The Price
    Since it was launched, WordPress has remained free to use, with no software licensing fees, or monthly or annual fees for in-house services. Companies can sign up as many sites as they want.
  2. SEO
    WordPress understands the importance of getting the best search engine results for your website, and WordPress also has plugins like Yoast SEO or All in One SEO Pack to expand your search engine capabilities even further.
  3. Great Plugins
    With WordPress, you’re not limited to the core functions you get on day one. New functionalities can easily be added to your website through the many plugins available. If you’re an individual entrepreneur and you want to start an e-commerce store, download WooCommerce, for example. WordPress offers over 40,000 plugins.
  4. Security
    The WordPress developers are constantly at work improving security measures and rolling out security patches. And you can obviously enhance your own security by using strong passwords on your site or installing an added security plugin.
  5. Internal support
    Got a question about WordPress? There are thousands of people who actively work on the site, so there’s always someone available to answer your questions.
  6. Local support
    Just as impressive is the fact that there are local WordPress Meetups where you can network, learn more, and share ideas about how to use the system.
  7. No technical expertise is needed
    WordPress was created from the perspective of being fully accessible to people who don’t write code or have in-depth experience as a front end or backend developer. Starting a blog, adding photos or graphics to it, and checking out your SEO keywords is all super-easy through WordPress. There’s no need to have the knowledge of coding languages. WordPress offers the gift of simplicity when it comes to using it, with a lot of options for creatively enhancing your site. So don’t be afraid of being a non-techie.

Why Does WordPress Work As an Intranet?

Businesses today are looking at intranets in order to boost productivity. If your employees have the ability to coordinate tasks more effectively and communicate internally, the workload improves and customers are much happier.

Sending out emails won’t cut it. Workers don’t want to waste valuable time hunting through scores of emails to find the one they need.

An intranet like Collab Hub builds on the appealing functions that WordPress offers to create an internal communication system that’s second to none.

Every department within your organization can create their own page on the site, with the department manager deciding who has access to the functions and content of that page.

The manager can add on as many employees as they like, and the page can be used to post department information, keep a directory of workers in that department with their contact information and backgrounds, and post department news or create a calendar of upcoming events.

Employees know exactly where they need to look to find information, how to instantly communicate with colleagues, and how to keep up with major tasks.

The user-friendliness and flexibility that Collab Hub offers will give your company a vibrant, diverse set of options for how your employees use this intranet to collaborate.

WordPress was created for websites seen by the general public, but it’s also ideal for facilitating your company’s internal needs as a corporate intranet.

You can still maintain a website that lets the public learn about your products and services and any other information you post on it. But as an employee intranet, Collab Hub fully protects your company’s privacy.

Using it, your employees can feel confident that everything they share stays within the company.

When WordPress was launched, it was initially viewed mainly as a blogging platform. But as it became more popular, it has grown into an effective content management system.

It’s continuously being updated and WordPress’ long list of advanced plugins offer solutions for any small to midlevel project.

When weighing the functionality requirements of your businesses, you’ll see that Collab Hub is a system that doesn’t drain your budget with costly monthly fees or waste valuable company time setting it up.

At the same time this intranet will help your company leverage Information Technology into the future.

Collab Hub provides a solid boost to your internal communications, enhances productivity and reduces costs.

There’s a lot of relevant information you can post on this intranet. That includes:

  • Corporate documents
  • Employee contact information
  • Internal news feeds
  • Marketing or sales data
  • Training programs
  • Forums for internal discussions

You also get to choose whether this information is readily available to the entire company — or to select individuals.

And it’s the ideal digital workplace for ongoing projects, team building, employee communication, and content sharing.

Collab Hub: An Intranet Built on WordPress

Collab Hub

Too often today, older intranets become outdated, and workers stop using it.

Since most older intranet systems charge a monthly fee – often per each employee that has access to the site – these systems can become extremely expensive over time.

And companies abandon it because the information seems outdated and employees find it too complicated to navigate.

On the other hand, the features that WordPress offers are ideal for the Collab Hub intranet software, which make it easier than ever to enhance your workers’ internal communications. Our software is user-friendly, easy to navigate and fun to use.

As the most popular content management system in the world, WordPress is an exemplary platform to set up your intranet.

Now you have Collab Hub, which is easy to install and costs just $1,299 – a one-time fee with no additional expenses or monthly user fees.


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