Collab Hub Offers a User-Friendly Alternative to Older Intranets like Communifire

by Michael Freeman

There are a lot of reasons to look at Collab Hub as not only the best new user-friendly intranet for your business, but also the one with features that your workers want to be using.

Think of it as a user-friendly approach that keeps your employees fully engaged.

The team at Collab Hub, based in Orlando, Florida, spent the past year developing this intranet software. The team set out to create a cost-effective solution with top-notch development. They also wanted to offer flexible features that other systems don’t have.

What they developed was an intranet platform that’s easy to install and doesn’t require the assistance of your IT department or advanced knowledge of coding.

As a relatively new intranet, you might be wondering: What are the key differences between a system like Collab Hub and an older intranet like Communifire?

Two key differences quickly come to mind.

First, Collab Hub is powered through one of the most popular content management systems, WordPress, which has a series of features that appeal to users. That’s made it the choice of more than 22% of major companies today.

Older systems like Communifire haven’t adapted to changing technology. Too often they feel more cumbersome, and lack the functionality that companies want in an intranet software.

While Communifire does offer a lot of features, not all of them are desirable. As time goes on, this ends up testing the patience of your employees and leads to less active participation rates in the system.

The WordPress system that Collab Hub uses, on the other hand, isn’t complicated or challenging.

But the biggest factor is the cost. And Collab Hub and Communifire are night and day on this issue.

The self-hosted Collab Hub is provided to you through a one time fee of $1299  — which includes all features, one year of updates, and email and forum support.

Communifire, on the other hand, has a monthly fee schedule based on how many users are in your system. That’s right, every worker that’s using their intranet adds a fee to your monthly bill.

Those are monthly charges you continue to pay as long as you’re using their system, and the price goes up each time you add on new workers.

If you think that sounds like a lot, welcome to Collab Hub.

For $1299, it’s yours. We’re the system without a monthly bill.

What Collab Hub provides you is a software that’s:

  • Easy to install
  • Self-hosted
  • User-friendly
  • Built on the popular CMS WordPress
  • Available at an unheard of price

That’s why there’s a lot of buzz being generated about Collab Hub today.


How Collab Hub Can Make a Difference For You

Internal communications


More and more businesses are using Intranets today because they provide a sophisticated way to connect all your workers in one shared digital space.

But some companies may be hesitant to get on board because they know how expensive older intranet systems are. They don’t want to get stuck with an expensive software that doesn’t get much employee participation.

Don’t make the assumption that all intranets are costly and cumbersome. Ask yourself what new system is on the market now that offers the best self-hosted alternative to an older intranet like Communifire?

Collab Hub has quickly become one of the best Intranet solutions available on the market today. It’s easy to install and highly functional.  Collab Hub gives your employees opportunities to work and learn in a fun digital environment, and it’s going to help boost the internal culture of your organization.

It’s also important to note that when it comes to self-hosted systems, you definitely need one that doesn’t require you to pay monthly subscription charges. That puts your company on the provider’s leash for all eternity.

Why spend so much money on a system that employees don’t find to be engaging to use?

Collab Hub is an innovative new intranet software that’s ideal for internal business communications. It efficiently creates a private network accessible only to your organization’s staff, which becomes a central portal that employees can use to access company resources and tools.

It was designed to fill the gap in this market for an intranet-based off WordPress, and designed for small to medium-sized companies.

Just install the Collab Hub software and your workers can take advantage of popular WordPress features like:

  • Publishing news blogs
  • Creating static pages describing what your company does
  • Staff Directories
  • The ability to post videos and make internal announcements to all departments

Those are the tools needed to ensure that everyone within your company, regardless of department or location, can communicate in the fastest, most reliable and efficient manner possible.

This is the system that brings everyone together.


What Does Communifire Offer?

Too Expensive

Intranets like Communifire charge not only a monthly fee, but also impose additional fees per user. It’s a system that requires you to pay an additional $10 per month for every user added to the system. Collab Hub does not charge by user.

When companies are looking for a self-hosted alternative to costly intranets, that gives them an excellent opportunity to evaluate their needs and wants.

The Communifire platform was created as a virtual workspace for departments, project teams or other employees participating in the collaboration process. A cloud-based and on-premise intranet, it’s designed for small, midsize and large enterprises.

Its primary features include content and collaboration tools, user profiles, social tools, productivity applications, and group management.

While Communifire has been praised for being easy to set up and navigate, this software has been criticized for inconsistencies in applications, and complaints that it doesn’t appear to be fully built out, with no depth to its functionality.

The site also lacks granular user settings, admin controls, or strong mobile capability. Other past users have noted that this platform fails to blend in with the rest of a company’s software.

But the biggest concern is price. Communifire is available in a subscription pricing model for both on-premise and cloud-based versions. Their model starts at a costly $10 fee per user per month – a significant expense for businesses that have 100 or more employees using the system.


Why the Collab Hub is a Better Alternative

Linking Workers

If you’re looking to launch your Intranet in days, not months, then Collab Hub is the system for you. Like Communifire, it’s easy to install.

But unlike Communifire, it doesn’t come with a monthly fee. Once you’ve paid the one time fee of $1299, Collab Hub is yours. Don’t expect to get a bill from Collab Hub each month, including a higher one if you add on new users.

Communifire has a lot of features, but users have noted online that the administration of it can be overwhelming at times.

Collab Hub, on the other hand, uses a platform that’s already highly popular with so many businesses. The WordPress platform helps companies recognize that older platforms are not providing the results they want – and are too costly to continue using.

The projects you’re working on require people who can easily connect and “collab” with one another. That’s why Collab Hub is the easiest WordPress intranet solution for team collaboration.

By using Collab Hub, your workers will become far more engaged with their colleagues and supervisors using this technology to communicate with one another.

That’s a platform a lot of today’s businesses are lacking, even if they recognize the need for a channel to enhance worker performance and organizational cohesion.

Collab Hub was created with these companies in mind.

Collab Hub will expand opportunities for companies that rely on flexible social and document sharing among workers. Using Collab Hub, these companies will quickly discover that the old ways of doing things are ineffective, costly, and don’t produce results.

Using this new software, department administrators can create access to the site for as many workers as needed, bringing potentially hundreds on board. That’s why Collab Hub was created as a cost-effective solution for small businesses.

For companies that are concerned about how long it will take to learn a new system, this modern intranet is  easy for non-technical workers to use. Don’t worry about lengthy training sessions for a large staff.


Using Collab Hub, department administrators will be able to decide which users get access to this intranet. What those workers get is the ability to:

  • Instantly communicate with one another
  • Coordinate tasks
  • Work collaboratively on long-term projects
  • Share documents and information
  • Make announcements
  • Schedule upcoming events on a company calendar
  • Post news from their individual departments
  • Store and share documents

All of these functions will be available to you as soon as you install the Collab Hub plugin, and your workers are now enjoying access to popular WordPress features like the ability to publish news blogs or make internal or public announcements.

Extensive training isn’t needed.

What you don’t have is what older systems like Communifire leave you with: high monthly fees and plenty of added expenses.

Collab Hub’s one-time fee is a better alternative for your company’s bottom line as well.

Contact Collab Hub today to learn more.

Michael Freeman

Michael Freeman

Content Writer and Editor

Michael is the Content Writer and Editor at Chatter Buzz. A native of Massachusetts, Michael has lived in Orlando since 2002, and has more than 20 years of experience as a print and online journalist. Michael has worked at some of Florida’s top newspapers, including The Orlando Sentinel, The Sun Sentinel, The Lakeland Ledger and The Jewish Journal. Michael has also worked as a marketing writer for private firms, and his industry clients have included a property management firm, a real estate company and a political consultant. He has taught communications to college students. Michael earned his BA in writing and communication from Hampshire College and a Masters in political management from George Washington University.